• Client: Archpolis Center for Territorial Initiatives

  • Accomplished task: Mobile app for iOS platform

Every year the natural and creative cluster at Nikola Lenivets village displays more and more art objects, hosts more art residencies and festivals, and so invites more tourists. A mobile application was designed to make each stay at Nikola Lenivets even more comfortable and interesting.


Because of the dense sequence of events – the night of the new media, the legendary Archstoyanie and children’s camp among others – we focused on the convenient access to news and announcements. And we reached the goal: stimulated guests arrivals to Nikola Lenivets, keeping them informed of the upcoming events.

Hay Tower, Universal Mind and more than 30 art objects were represented within the application. And the bonus was directions to the art objects from anywhere, be it within the park territory or many hundreds kilometers away from them.


And finally, we created the original layout of the overall map, with infrastructure objects in addition to art objects. Thanks to the map, visitors could easily understand how to get to the capsule hotel and the office, or, for example, see the bar and dining room offerings.


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