Kids in Museums
project name

Kids in Museums

Calendar of museum events for children

  • Client:

    Moscow Department of Culture

  • Accomplished task:

    branding, website, mobile app


There are about three hundred museums in Moscow, each of them regularly updates its exposition and excursion plans. But for many, it goes unnoticed. To improve the situation, the Moscow Department of Culture decided to create routes of exciting museum trips for the whole family and thus to awaken children and parents’ interest in the museum exhibition spaces.

Site and mobile app

We were to give this idea the bright and most contemporary realization. Thus we created a lively and playful logo, picked up large fonts, reminiscent of fairy tales, and chose eye-catching colors. It was done to give museum announcements the richness of culture and facts, emotions and fun.


While working on the site functionality, we came up with an intelligible calendar of events, implemented search by date and place, as well as the age of children an event was aimed at. In addition, we implemented the concept of the children’s jury. The kids themselves put estimates to attended events, thus helping others to choose.

Calendar of events

Jury experts do not just visit museums during the program, but also evaluate the routes and guides, keep diaries, express their opinions and offer their innovations.

Kids jury

As we witnessed the growing popularity of the site, we also created a mobile application which allows one to learn about all museum events in a faster and more convenient way.