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Information portal on tourism

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    News agency "Interfax"

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We made the information portal on tourism instead of a topic section on the “Interfax” general site. In this task, the first step was to create a well thought-out structure of the site: intuitive categories, thematic areas, breaking news, tags, and calendar — thus we came up with a simple and convenient navigation through the site.

The first screen of the site main page

The main product of the agency is the breaking news, so the key place on the first screen is given to the newswire. The top editorial materials are to its right. Different design principles can be applied to each article: one can focus on interesting ideas and conclusions, view separate photos or extensive photo galleries, watch video or listen to audio materials.

Convenient interface, with all at your fingertips

The new website became more efficient in working with a specific target audience. Firstly this became possible thanks to the well-written and neatly designed materials, and secondly, because of the interactive elements: frequently updated surveys and tests, the opportunity to bring forward one’s own news and get feedback. This increases the total traffic and the number of affiliate programs, including the commercial ones.

All icons were created by our designer

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