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Marketing site for fitness club

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Marketing site for fitness club.
Colorful design, simple structure, large forms.
As a result – increase in the number of guest visits and clubcard sales.

First screen

At the first meeting it became clear that “Ecoclub” was not a standard fitness club, but rather a lifestyle for all its customers — with family holidays, a bathhouse on Thursdays and tasty, healthy food in addition to sports. This is what we wanted to show to new users who would first come to the site.

Bright and simple design

So we came up with a bright first screen with atmospheric photographs followed by genuine reviews written by the club permanent members. The contents of the first page can be easily changed: new photos, important announcements and attractive promotions are easily displayed. It is also possible, without complicating the structure of the site, to show all the possible activities at the club – we just divided them into categories, openable in separate windows.

Signing up for a trial

It is important that we have managed to combine the “Ecoclub” colorful image with the elements of a classical marketing website: large forms to emphasize the point, accented buttons for signing up for a free trial and convenient feedback form. All together, it worked for the main result: growth in the number of guest visits and membership cards sales.