BRICS research
project name

BRICS research

Site for the National Committee on BRICS research

  • Client:

    Russian National Committee on BRICS research

  • Accomplished task:

    Branding, website, site support and development


The Russian National Committee on BRICS research has a truly global challenge – to explore and analyze all that concerns the political, economic and social life of the five countries – Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. The website, in the first place, had to help the professionals of the Committee to demonstrate the results of their work in a simple and understandable way.


To begin with, because of the international significance of the National Committee activities, we offered the client to update its identity. Thus a symbol of five different seamlessly intertwined ribbons appeared. The logo symbolizes similar ideals of five independent but friendly and cooperative countries. The same five colors laid the basis for the site design.

Main page

The structure of the site was determined by the objective to organize the large amount of constantly updated information. The first screen was reserved for the most important topics, reports and announcements. In addition, it has tools to navigate through all activities of the Committee.

Section page

The bulk of both archival and current materials was distributed among clear and concise topics. Now the site has distinct sections for news, upcoming events and experts commentaries. There are also visually emphasized selections of publications and bulletins archives. As a result, the site has a simplified architecture, which allows visitors to easily navigate the Committee rich information resources.